Private Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Ages 6 and up

Private guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons

Now is the perfect time to discover playing guitar or ukelele!  We’ll help your youngster learn essential skills while exploring their creativity. They’ll experience innovative private lessons that focus on helping them achieve accelerated success. Our passion is getting mini musicians super excited about music while learning songs they know and love, seeing quick progress, and gaining CONFIDENCE! 

Private lessons include:

*30 or 45 minute one-on-one lessons with an expert teacher (check out our teachers, they’re awesome!)

*Convenient Scheduling 

*Set it and forget it automatic billing 

*Easy to implement technical exercises designed with tiny fingers in mind

*Help choosing music they want to play 

*Music reading and theory worksheets (have we mentioned the music math yet?)

*Access to an extensive music library full of songs to choose from

*Frequent performance opportunities

*Detailed practice plan every week

*Studio binder to keep all their homework organized

*Music tote bag full of goodies including a musical coloring book (if they don’t use it, you can, because who doesn’t love to color?)

*Covid safe protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible. Masks required.

What are you waiting for?!

100% happiness guarantee!