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You’ll be part of a community where everyone shines, that lives and breathes innovation, and stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Musicians of all ages are empowered to explore their creativity in an enriching, supportive learning environment where students blossom into confident performers.

She took the time to listen and understand where my piano/music experience was – basically zero. Then started with what I knew and low and behold at the end of 30 min she was playing the basic cords and I was singing the song. What a fun time, can’t wait till next week. She did give me plenty of homework to get done before our next lesson.

– Don P.

For me Rebekah was exactly what I needed in a singing teacher. I have been taking lessons with her weekly for over a year and a half and the improvement in my singing ability continues. Rebekah is friendly but no nonsense and put to rest a lot of preconceived notions I had about how to sing. She had endless exercises and drills for me and allowed me to pick my own material. She encouraged me to take risks but also cut me no slack if I was falling short. I would say her lessons were like having a Zen Master as many of her teachings went right over my head until over time when there would be another “Ohhhh now I get it” moment. Rebekah would always build on my previous knowledge in improving my abilities and my understanding of what my body is actually doing as I sing. I’ve seen her work with all ages and levels of students and I think she is uniquely talented and I feel very lucky to have found her. So if you’re looking for an awesome voice instructor this wannabe rock star gives Rebekah P. his highest recommendation.

– John H.

My daughter loves Ms. Rebekah. From a parent perspective she is great – she keeps the lesson focused and daughter motivated. Ms Rebekah is patient and flexible too! We would definitely recommend her!

– Dominique

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