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At ANMS, you’ll find the music teacher your family deserves,
one that is the absolute perfect match for your kiddo. 

You want your child to take music lessons, but you’re not sure where to start. You’d like a place where your kiddo can find “their thing”, where you know they’re seen and heard, and the staff genuinely cares about keeping everyone healthy. Generally, you get to choose between a teacher-in-a-tiny-bland-room-retail studio or the beloved neighborhood teacher in their home who’s been using the same books since the 80’s. You know, the same piano books YOU learned from. No thank you, hard pass. What if I told you our studio is where you should start?

Like a second home...with purple walls.

We want you and your child to feel ecstatic about working with us. 

Our teachers will take care of your child and care about them not only during lessons, but as a part of a support system outside of their time each week. They’ll partner with your student to hear and listen to their opinions, cater to their wishes, and value their voices as growing humans. You’ll find teachers who are invested in being part of your village, who accept your potentially-and-probably-slightly-weird-and-you-know-it kid and turn those quirks into musical magic.

I’m Ms. Rebekah, the owner, and for the first 10 years of my career, I was one of those miserable teachers-in-a-tiny-bland-room. I also spent a decade of my youth taking piano lessons with the sweetest older lady that bored me to madness. I suffered, like actually suffered through tears and borderline nervous breakdowns over recital performances all the way through my teens. I endeavored to design a teaching studio that is the antithesis of my experiences both as a teacher and as a student. A place with lessons that leave them excited for the next one, recitals are events they look forward to, fantabulous customer service reigns, and joyously proud families. 

What Makes Us Different

  • Central location in the heart of Winter Park near Sprouts, Publix, Panera, and Starbucks 
  • Student-teacher partnerships that inspire and encourage practice at home by giving students autonomy to choose music. If they like it, they’re going to practice it. 
  • Four recitals a year, twice the average studio… we believe the opportunity to put into practice what you’re learning often solidifies new concepts and builds confidence.   
  • Lessons available Monday-Thursday (as late as 8pm!) and even Saturdays to suit your family’s busy schedule. 
  • Piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele only; no trumpets or violins disrupting lessons. Amen.
Happy boy piano student

She took the time to listen and understand where my piano/music experience was – basically zero. Then started with what I knew and low and behold at the end of 30 min she was playing the basic cords and I was singing the song. What a fun time, can’t wait till next week. She did give me plenty of homework to get done before our next lesson.

– Don P.

For me Rebekah was exactly what I needed in a singing teacher. I have been taking lessons with her weekly for over a year and a half and the improvement in my singing ability continues. Rebekah is friendly but no nonsense and put to rest a lot of preconceived notions I had about how to sing. She had endless exercises and drills for me and allowed me to pick my own material. She encouraged me to take risks but also cut me no slack if I was falling short. I would say her lessons were like having a Zen Master as many of her teachings went right over my head until over time when there would be another “Ohhhh now I get it” moment. Rebekah would always build on my previous knowledge in improving my abilities and my understanding of what my body is actually doing as I sing. I’ve seen her work with all ages and levels of students and I think she is uniquely talented and I feel very lucky to have found her. So if you’re looking for an awesome voice instructor this wannabe rock star gives Rebekah P. his highest recommendation.

– John H.

My daughter loves Ms. Rebekah. From a parent perspective she is great – she keeps the lesson focused and daughter motivated. Ms Rebekah is patient and flexible too! We would definitely recommend her!

– Dominique