Why 2019 is a great year for making music!

As we finish up this first month of a brand new year, schedules have settled, kiddos are back in routine, and it’s time to get creative with your activities. Music is universal thread that unites and inspires. It’s the soundtrack to our lives.

Here’s why you or your mini musician should be making music in lessons this year. 

  • Creativity- Students taking lessons in our studio experience making music the first session. They’re encouraged to improvise using the piano or singing melodies. They use their bodies to feel rhythm. They start learning patterns on the keys or with their voices. They create immediately. They have a blast while the creativity center in their brain lights up like fireworks to release endorphins.
  • Commitment- Learning a musical instrument requires commitment both personally and as a family. Our job is to train students who love making music. That doesn’t happen overnight. Starting music lessons develops a song work ethic and pays off by completing books, performing in recitals, and giving them achievements they own. 
  • Problem solving skills- Your student is here 45 minutes a week. They’re given the tools needed to succeed at home. We use practice plans and teach effective practice habits in lessons. By doing so, kiddos (and adults) learn independence and gain confidence in their own skills. Confident students worry less about making mistakes and focus more on making music! 
  • Motor skills improvement- Playing piano or guitar helps improve hand-eye coordination. How? It engages and connects both hemispheres of the brain leading to improved fine motor skills and better memory recall. This process also creates new neural pathways that aid in problem solving and can even help boost test scores. Music also makes you feel good. Only 10 minutes of singing or playing a day can help improve mood, decrease blood pressure, and create an increased sense of well-being and joy.   
  • Fearlessness- Our goal is to abolish stage fright. Learning to perform without fear not only builds confidence, it helps students be more comfortable with public speaking and leadership roles. By offering four recital showcases a year, our students have multiple opportunities to hone their performance skills while having fun. These aren’t like the recitals you were forced to do as a kid either. Our recitals are innovative, eclectic, low on stress, high on fun. At least two recitals a year are themed. Our Totally Awesome 80’s show is right around the corner! 

making music

We’re teaching in a new millennium to students who have a zillion distractions vying for their attention. Using all the technology and modern resources available, we’re adapting to students’ needs, not the other way around. We’re partnering with parents to help raise amazing, well-rounded young people. 

So here’s the deal. If you’re like me, you suffered through years of lessons that were less than inspiring. You stuck it out because your parents wanted you to. These aren’t your grandma’s music lessons.

When are you coming for a trial lesson?

Give us a call and we’ll get you started on the road to fearless! (407) 920-5443