Music Lessons in the Key of Confidence

What are we trying to achieve? 

A Noteworthy Music Studio was founded on the guiding principal that music is a life skill. 

Our goal is to foster a love of music in students, no matter their age, that they can carry through their entire lives. We call it a life skill because music serves many purposes for many people. Whether it’s an emotional outlet, a hobby, a confidence builder, a stress manager, a lifestyle, or a career, the goal is to enjoy music for as long as possible. Athletic ability may fade, but musical ability never dies. 

The majority of our students take lessons for fun. Because of this, our expectations are very different from most traditional music lesson studios. We don’t focus on competitions and exams, we focus on teaching our students to fall in love with performing fearlessly. By giving them 4-5 performance opportunities a year, we are abolishing stage fright and encouraging fearlessness. 

How do we teach? 

Music students come in as many shapes and sizes as music itself. 

Why is this so important? Because it means there’s no “one way” to teach musical students. Every student learns differently from the next, and our job is to adapt to each learning style and customize our teaching to fit the student, not the other way around. 

We use the most up to date piano and voice methods designed for accelerated learning. By incorporating classical technique with modern concepts like improvisation, ear training, sight reading, and eclectic musical styles, we strive to create well-rounded musicians. We use off the bench games, technology based games, worksheets of all kinds (music math really is a thing!), practice reading skills for our younger students, and access our huge library of song titles to keep lessons fresh every week. 

As a result, when you attend one of our recitals, you’ll hear many different genres of music performed. We encourage our students to choose their own music (we get ultimate veto power, of course), and believe students are more invested in practicing songs they’ve chosen because they have ownership of their lessons. You’ll also hear mistakes. And that’s totally fine with us. Flawless execution of a memorized classical work isn’t the goal of our recitals; perfection isn’t a realistic expectation. Fun is. 

What’s the vision for our students? 

In a word, confidence is the vision for our students. 

Because we teach an eclectic approach to music, our students are focused on the enjoyment that comes with making music, not necessarily perfect technique. We equip them to fearlessly perform in any situation, whether it’s a formal recital, a gig, a party with friends, or the pit orchestra for the school musical. 

Part of the joy of music is that it’s communal, and we’d like to think our students are prepared to play or sing something on the spot for their pals, have a special “Happy Birthday” sing along when the moment presents itself, or improvise off the top of their head. We also encourage collaboration among students, and learning to accompany a singer or be in a band is something we love to see our students doing. We work to foster their abilities so understanding music of many genres is an invaluable skill. 

More than anything, our vision is to help create a new generation of fearless young musicians who love music. Our job is to set the stage for their confidence to shine through. When students have diverse performance opportunities, they learn to thrive in any setting. 

These skills not only benefit students on the performance stage, however. Fearless performers learn to think on their toes and adapt quickly to changes, they make excellent public speakers because they’re not afraid of a crowd, and they learn that hard work and perseverance is rewarding. 

Are we right for you? 

The right fit between teacher and student can make or break the musical learning process. Here are a few questions to help you decide if our studio philosophy fits your needs. 

  • Do you want to have fun while you’re learning? Great! We do, too. 
  • Maybe you wanna show off your mad musical abilities for friends at a gathering? Fantastic! We’ll teach you how. 
  • Are you looking for a fresh approach to music lessons? Good. These aren’t your grandma’s piano lessons (or yours as a kid for that matter). Modern it is!
  • Is building confidence part of your life plan? Yes? Come on in, we’re fearless here.
  • Do you want to play or sing music YOU choose? Excellent. Come to the dark side, we have pop and rock songs (and fancy classical stuff, too). Muahaha. But really, you’re *mostly* in control of what we work on. 

So here’s the deal, lessons in our studio aren’t right for everyone. We know that, and we’re totally cool with it. If you’re looking for a studio where high exam and festival scores are important, this is not the studio for you. If you’re looking for a place where the teachers are literally jazzed about teaching, passionate about helping students learn to be their best selves through music, and having a raucous good time doing so, this is YOUR studio! We teach music lessons in the key of confidence, and that’s a life skill for a lifetime. 

music lessons in the key of confidence