About us

The place where Fearless is made!

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We teach music lessons in the key of fearless,
and that’s a life skill for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a place where the teachers are literally jazzed about teaching, passionate about helping students learn to be their best selves through music, and having a raucous good time doing so, this is YOUR studio!

Rebekah Piatt, Studio Director

Our Vision

We want to create a new generation of fearless young musicians who love music. Our job is to set the stage for their confidence to shine through.

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster a love of music in students, no matter their age, that they can carry through their entire lives.

What we do

Our Studio

We want our students to have a soundtrack to their lives that starts in our studio and bursts through the doors out into the world. We want them to to know that whatever song they suggest will be considered because they are empowered to choose their music. Most of all, when they look back on their time in lessons at A Noteworthy Music Studio, I hope they remember the fun we have each week, and the joy that comes from making music together. 

teen trio
adult voice

Why we do it

To be fearless

Learning to perform without fear not only builds confidence, it helps students be more comfortable with public speaking and leadership roles. Fearlessness is the benchmark for success here.  Joy. Smiles. Happiness. Excitement. Creativity. FUN.