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This is the Disney World of Music Studios

We want you and your child to feel ecstatic about working with us.

Our teachers will take care of your child and care about them not only during lessons, but as a part of a support system outside of their time each week. They’ll partner with your student to hear and listen to their opinions, cater to their wishes, and value their voices as growing humans. You’ll find teachers who are invested in being part of your village, who accept your potentially-and-probably-slightly-weird-and-you-know-it kid and turn those quirks into musical magic. I’m Ms. Rebekah, the owner, and for the first 10 years of my career, I was one of those miserable teachers-in-a-tiny-bland-room. I also spent a decade of my youth taking piano lessons with the sweetest older lady that bored me to madness. I suffered, like actually suffered through tears and borderline nervous breakdowns over recital performances all the way through my teens. I endeavored to design a teaching studio that is the antithesis of my experiences both as a teacher and as a student. A place with lessons that leave them excited for the next one, recitals are events they look forward to, fantabulous customer service reigns, and joyously proud families.