Musical STEM Camp

This Musical STEM camp combines elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into an innovative group activity for beginners of different ages.

Musical STEM Camp

This camp is different from other “STEAM” camps because if focuses on learning to play piano rather than offering general music based concepts. Students will do science experiments that directly apply to the piano. Technology will serve as a component of this camp as students learn to use state of the art piano apps to help them grow their skills. Engineering plays its part as campers explore the building blocks of music and create their own compositions at the piano. They will complete creative worksheets that help them understand the mathematical relationships that exist everywhere in music at the piano.

This camp is PERFECT for you if :

  • You have a musically curious kiddo
  • You’re looking for a new approach to learning piano
  • Your child likes adventure
  • You want them to look at STEM differently
  • You want your camper to receive personal attention in a small group setting
  • You would like to try piano and don’t want a committment

Ages 7-10     
Monday – Friday
June 10-14     
July 15-19

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