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You want your child to take music lessons, but you’re not sure where to start. You’d like a place where your kiddo can find “their thing”. Generally you get to choose between a teacher-in-a-tiny-bland-room-retail studio or the beloved neighborhood teacher who’s been using the same books since the 80’s. You know, the same piano books YOU learned from. No thank you, hard pass.
What if I told you our studio is where you should start?


For Beginners & beyond

Not your Average Music Lesson

Our teachers will take care of your child and care about them not only during lessons, but as a part of a support system outside of their time each week. They’ll partner with your student to hear and listen to their opinions, cater to their wishes, and value their voices as growing humans. You’ll find teachers who are invested in being part of your village, who accept your potentially-and-probably-slightly-weird-and-you-know-it kid and turn those quirks into musical magic.

The Jingle All The Way Gift Package Includes:


Building Skills & confidence

Be fearless,
not bored

  • Central location in the heart of Winter Park near Sprouts, Publix, Panera, and Starbucks 
  • Student-teacher partnerships that inspire and encourage practice at home by giving students autonomy to choose music. If they like it, they’re going to practice it. 
  • Four recitals a year, twice the average studio… we believe the opportunity to put into practice what you’re learning often solidifies new concepts and builds confidence.   
  • Lessons available Monday-Friday (as late as 8pm!) and even Saturday mornings to suit your family’s busy schedule. 
  • Piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele only; no trumpets or violins disrupting lessons. Amen.

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